Unity Challenge Mission

Unity Day is needed in our country and it starts with you!

As observers just entering the adult world, my generation lives in a culture of division, hate-speech, intolerance, and lack of respect for one another that is demoralizing. One just has to look no further than the media, our government, our elected representatives from all sides, to see the lack of empathy, courtesy and tolerance both Republicans and Democrats display towards one another on any given day.

Just watch the news and you'll see the disgraceful way we hold each other in contempt. If the best of us, our elected officials behave that way, how are we to model our behavior towards another.

As a student who is part of the neurodiverse community, I have witnessed and experienced lack of inclusion, lack of empathy and compassion that scarred me . . . but that is what fuels me now.

Anti-bullying month as a designation comes and goes without action.That's why it has failed!

I am asking for a day of Unity ... Unity on the issue of respect; unity for civility and tolerance.

Whether you are like me who is part of the neuruodiverse community, or you simply have a different point of view on an issue ..... we need . . . a Unity day.

We need a day where despite all of those differences we are unified for a purpose that is uniquely human .... our humanity itself.

That's what we have in common.... our ability to reason and modify our behavior, let go of the contempt in our hearts and feel love for one another by virtue of the fact that we are all in this together. We are all different. ---- but we are all here for a purpose. 


Are you willing to help me?



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